Skinny Abandoned Dog Gets Everything He Dreamed Of

Image/Story Source Credit: @TheMoho Via YouTube Video

Last night, I saw this skinny guy posted on Fanpage in Peralta Ramos. I immediately went to find him. It's nighttime, I pray to God I find this poor baby. Its condition needs no description, the photos speak for themselves. He was terribly skinny.

Friends, he has an owner, however this owner has abandoned him. Quickly loaded into the car, this skinny dog  was terribly sad. He lived with this condition for many days. Scabies, one leg injured. No one protects and takes care of him. This skinny dog has no name yet.

We call it Dobby! The new life he has begun, I hope it will be a beautiful and full of love. We start the treatment for the skin. He was given antibiotics. It weighs 14 kg, a skeleton.

In the afternoon, he did a blood test and a blood test for parasites. Day 6: News from Dobby.  He got up and started walking more firmly.

My Dobby sends you greetings and is very grateful for the kind words you sent him. 💓🐕 These beautiful transformations will warm your heart.

Day 38: Hair has started to grow, Dobby has gained 4kg.  Day 120: Wow, our beautiful Dobby. He's so handsome and charming.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Danu Colombo MDP 💚
Thanks to the channel : @TheMoho ❤️

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