Puppy Runs Around Her New Family's House On 3 Legs

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video

This puppy was lying injured for a long time, one leg was gone. The puppy's wound was almost two days old, why didn't anyone help him? He was nervous and scared at the time We took him to the vet.

The operation took longer than expected The next day the boy felt better, could eat something I wish I could share his pain. He's just a puppy.

I spent most of my time with him so he wouldn't feel alone The feeling of facing difficulties alone isn't easy at all I just wanted to tell him I'm here and everything will be fine And he seemed to  understand what i said.

Because of the large wound, we had to stay under treatment for several days. Little by little, I helped him return to his normal life. To make Balto happy.

We would be staying at the vet for another 2 weeks and could be discharged We had me  counting the minutes to wait for this day, the day has finally come we were in our beloved home.

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video

Although he only had three legs, he walked like his friends After a short time they fell in love with each other. They love and treat each other  like siblings And Balto would live with us for the rest of his life. Please send your love to this sweet soul and share his story.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Maria Fogel 💚
Thanks to the channel :  Animal Shelter ❤️

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