Dog Rescue: Tiny Bear, hit by a car

Image/Story Source Credit: @AnimalRescue Via YouTube Video

I just got in message video of this puppy who was hit by car next road. She/he can't stand up. from pain is shaking. Can we do anything. Can we try to give him second chance! I find him. Both of his left paws are injured! He can't stand up.

I find him an hour after the tip-off. I did receive the exact location, but I couldn't find him straight away. he crawled about 100m away and hid!

The little thing hid from everything in this world! The little 4-5-kg and 3-month-old thing hid from life! I didn't know what kinds of injuries! I only received a short video in my inbox with the location. When I saw him I thought he'd run away from fear! And what breaks your heart, what breaks everything in me.

He's very little, weighing perhaps 5-6 kg and about 4 months young! And I'll do my best, together with him of course, for him to grow into a big Doggie some day! 

Day 25: The wounds are healing, and I've grown a bit The little paws are much better! He has a name - Bear! What love and kindness can do to change a little soul life! Our little Bear got adopted to a happy family in England. Bear is very handsome. His eyes are so amazing! He live in full care and love from new mother. And he is so gentle! Please send your love to this sweet soul and share his story.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Fahrudin Caki Bravo 💚
Thanks to the channel : @AnimalRescue ❤️

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