Lonely puppy is now so happy after finding a forever home

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Rescue Via YouTube Video

Meet Petea! 

He is lying on the street with a big wσυnd on his neck. The baby is about 1 month old, may be hσt water bυɾns or the cause of the impact of external forces. Flies and maggots cover this wσυnd.

The baby cried in weak breath. He was brought to Vet. We will try our best to rescue this poor baby. All urgent medical procedures are carried out.

Disinfection and bandage. Very good guy! Petea ate a little, but that was too good for a child who had just experienced a surgery for hours. Petea's health was much better after 10 days of care.

Wow, Petea has a great adoptive mother. They often play with each other, joke and have fun.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Светлана Карипиди 💚
Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue ❤️

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