Dog With Swollen Face Finds Family Who Helps Her Heal

Image/Story Source Credit: @TheMoho Via YouTube Video

This poor soul was found on the streets. We didn’t know what the story was. but we knew he needed help ASAP. We had him picked up and taken to the emergency vet. “Phoenix” is currently having his head drained  in an attempt to relieve the swelling there.

He has eyes, however the severe swelling in his face has forced them closed. Phoenix is a walking skeleton with wounds over the majority of his body.

Day 1: Good news! Phoenix is feeling better today! The swelling is staying down in Phoenix’s head and his appetite is good. He is handling his medications well and seems to be comfortable.

Day 4: Phoenix and I are headed to the vet. Phoenix is on a new antibiotic, which will continue to kill off the infection he is carrying. Since it’s been a few days that the swelling in his head has stayed down

Day 15: I am so proud of Phoenix! Today Phoenix went outside willingly for the first time.

We walked the whole Ranch property! He met the pigs and goats (through a gate of course) and was a very good boy. Phoenix is not a fan of leashes and you will find out why in the video. Phoenix now live in a happy family with full of love! He deserve a second chance in his life. 

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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