Dog Found Dragging Her Legs On Street Learns To Walk Again

Image/Story Source Credit: @PawsShow Via YouTube Video

We found this poor dog wandering the streets. She was paralyzed after a tragic accident.  She had to drag her hind legs. Perhaps, for many years she lived with such a miserable condition. She was begging for help, rushing to us. When I went to look for her, it was midnight.

After 1 hour, I approached and taken to Vet. I named her Sadie. Sadie is being cared for in Vet, she has X-rays taken to check. Her spine was completely broken.

The next day, she had spinal surgery. After the surgery, she got well and started practicing to walk.

Thanks to a sponsor, she had a wheelchair. And today she is very skillful in a wheelchair. Sadie has gotten better every day. She is practicing physical therapy.

After 2 months of tireless efforts, today she can walk on all fours. Sadie is very friendly and happy. Thank God for bringing Sadie to us. Love Sadie - My little daughter.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer 💚
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