Deaf Dog Surνiνes Being Stung By Over 500 Bees

Image/Story: Credit to Owner

Dogs, like people, can suffer from sensory impairments such as blindness or deafness. These pets rely on their owners to provide for them and ensure that they have everything they require to live a happy life. So you can imagine how betrayed a poor, deaf pit bull must have felt when his family abandoned him at the shelter after he had suffered hundreds of bee stings.

The deaf pit bull was brought to the shelter and given the name Stinger by the staff. The shelter's veterinarians were at a loss as to how to handle the pit bull. He was going to be euthanized. Stinger was fortunate that a neighboring animal shelter took an interest in his plight.

Image/Story Source Credit: Caters

When Carri Shipaila learned about Stinger, she felt compelled to assist him. She traveled for more than an hour to pick up Stinger from the shelter and return him to the LuvnPupz rescue, which she manages. LuvnPupz, situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, works primarily through a foster-based program to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome unwanted dogs.

Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook/LuvnPupz

Shipaila never gave up on the Stinger, even when his original family refused to reclaim him. She got right to work saving him, first treating his bee stings. She also discovered and treated a secondary skin infection and sarcoptic mange during the process. Stinger developed Pemphigus, an autoimmune disease as a result of the bee stings.

However, the puppy didn’t give up: “Stinger is an amazing dog. He loves everyone he meets” Fortunately, the doggie found a forever home with a loving family.

Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook/LuvnPupz

LuvnPupz is still paying his medical bills, so if you want to help this sweet boy, please donate.

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