Abandoned Puppy was Thrown in the Dumpster and Struggling to Survive.

Image/Story Source Credit: @ThePenguins Via YouTube Video

Meet Kobe!

Denisa our wonderful Vet, stopped at a popular dumping ground for unwanted dogs, to check no animal  had been discarded over the Christmas holidays…  Buried deep within the rubbish pile a tiny innocent pup was camouflaged amongst the waste .

Poor baby imagine how terrified he must have been… Left to fend for him self, too young to be without his mum. After checking  to see if there were any other dogs or puppies Denisa drove home, Kobe is safe now and being cared for by Denisa whilst He grows stronger.
Once Kobe has recovered from his ordeal ,treated for worms/ fleas,has been fully vaccinated, blood checked and assessed we will be looking for a very special home to love him.

For those who have been following darling Little Kobe’s story  found amongst discarded Christmas waste at the side of the road by our wonderful vet Denisa.  Thankfully fate had other plans for Kobe who is now being cared for, by his wonderful rescuer Denisa whilst he grows stronger.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Jayne Sully 💚
Thanks to the channel : @ThePenguins ❤️

Youtube video