Abandoned Puppy Sleeps With The Woman Who Rescued Her

Image/Story Source Credit: @PawsShow Via YouTube Video

Meet Preciosa! Preciosa's story has moved many people and brought tears to her eyes. Over a month ago, she was evicted from an apartment building. The owner even bҽat her and threw her in the street. Here, there is a lot of snow, she is very cold and lives on the pity of passersby. 

2 days passed, she kept looking at the house where she used to live. She is very sad. She roamed and searched for food on the streets, in small alleys.

She is in a small town. During one such hike, she was beaten and her thigh was broken. She has to drag on the street. This time, she couldn't walk on her own and had to lean on the fence from exhaustion. 

Preciosa was brought to Vet with all prayers. Day 2 in Vet: She had surgery. Precious girl after surgery. She will be able to walk and talk more.

Day 7: Preciosa has improved, she begins to walk again. Day 15: Today, Preciosa walked a little. She is moving as directed by the Doctor. 

Day 20: The wound has healed. She was carefully examined for her injuries. 

Day 32: Preciosa has made a full recovery. The girl is sweet and extremely friendly. With the help of the sponsor, she gained weight and became a very beautiful girl.

Preciosa has started looking for a new home. Hopefully, she will meet people who truly love her. Thank for all!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Lopez Mari 💚
Instagram: @marilopez55
Thanks to the channel : @PawsShow ❤️

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