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Woman drags his dog until he could no longer stand and continue – justice to this poor dog!

A Poor dog tied to a moving car was dragged several meters in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Although the date on which it occurred is not specified, on Monday Jan. 7th, the video went viral on social networks and the event generated outrage from animal protectors and society in general.

“What’s the matter with you woman”, recriminated a person who recorded the video and posted it on social networks, once the car stopped its march.

“I found it, I’m going to save it”, answered a woman who got off to pick up the animal, as she noticed she was being recorded.

 Is that saving her, ma’am?

– I’m rescuing her.....!

– But why are you dragging her this way lady!

– Because I do not know the dog, I’m going to rescue her …

– But why are you dragging around the poor animal with you car, can’t you see the dog is bleeding? Why don’t you get her into the car?

After that, the woman took placed the canine inside the car, a gray Toyota Corolla with MSD-4998 license plates from Oaxaca.

Meanwhile, organizations dedicated to animal protection denounced the case, that went viral on social networks, and activist Hilda Toledo Salinas regretted that the Attorney General’s Office does not address cases of animal abuse that have generated legal records.

Please! We need your help to bring this evil woman to justice.
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