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What Is The Best Dog Breeds For Families & Kids

The best dog breed for kids or good dog breed for kids are some that may surprise you. So the best dog for kids depends on many factors. First, we start with the age of your family and is the stork coming with a new addition soon? I say that age is a big factor in raising a dog.

If you have all very young children and are looking for the best dog breed for children, you don't want a dog that needs rigorous training to interact with the household. If you have older children, you will get higher maintenance dogs that can be properly trained according to house rules.

Typically, very small children must be kept separate from certain breeds, such as some smaller terriers, except the border terrier, and fox terrier smooth are exceptions to the rule that may be for any breed. Your hyper dog like Border Collies and Greyhounds are not the best breed for young children. Same with energetic dogs that are part of sports, hunting or working breed. When your children are so young, the best dog for the kids must be gentle and well educated. Good dog breeds for children are not hyper.

So when we try to figure out the best dog breed for kids, let's look at school kids who have a lot of energy. Because of their size and maturity, these children can handle breeds for children such as Beagle, Bulldogs, Basset Hound, Labrador Retriever, Old English Sheepdog, German Shepherd, and Poodle, as they are easily educated and sensitive to proper behavior around children. These are the best dog for kids because they can have younger family members in a rough house with them and they are not upset but love to play with the kids.

Now that kids are in high school, they have a mind of their own, so there aren't many breeds that wouldn't fit into the best dog-kids class when they are teenagers. So Border collie, Boxer, Amstaff are dogs that are often chosen from colleges. Ask your child what types of dog breeds they prefer and make the best assessment.