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No Jumping - How To Train Your Dog To Stop Jumping.

Solution: Arrange a spray bottle filled with water near the entrance to your house. When the guest 
enters the house, inform the guest to hold the bottle and spray whenever the dog jumps over them. Most dogs may feel uncomfortable and stop jumping.

Some dogs like to spray water, they may not stop jumping. In this case, when you feel that the dog is about to jump on the visitor, you can set the shocking color for your dog by simply pressing the button and making it shock. This is a quick way to overcome the dog jump problem.

2) Dominance: Sometimes a person jump means your dog wants to dominate and wants everyone around you to recognize her. In order to dominate, it tried to file claims against people, toys, furniture, and so on.

Solution: This dominance of dogs is risky because they can become aggressive when you try to correct behavior. To stop this, your dog should be aware that you are the master and let your dog obey you and your orders. You should follow some techniques to get started with your leading role, such as never letting your dog walk first. Practice first when walking, let her follow you. And it is also possible to train her simple commands, such as "off" or "no jump" commands, by using aggressive reinforcements.

3) The behavior is rewarding: returning home after work, the dog will jump on you to express love. When a guest comes to your home, she may do the same thing.

Solution: An easy way to stop this is to not treat unwanted activities or to encourage your dog to jump on someone. When she jumps on you, you must also ignore her. By the time she reaches the introverted inner state, you can express your love for her. But once it's done, go back and ignore her. This shows your dog that she is only allowed to follow you when you show her love. Moreover, when the dog jumps on the dog, you must also tell your family, friends, and neighbors that they will never pay attention to the dog. Once the dog understands its location, you and your visitors can pay attention.

4) Extremely excited: Usually, if a dog meets you after a long time, she may jump excitedly. Some dogs have the habit of jumping when they develop new faces.

To prevent this, you can use water spray, shock, mandatory enhancement commands, and more.

Training is critical to stopping a dog's jumping behavior. Remember to train your entire family when training. As long as you work harder, you can stop the dog jumping and your pet will become a favorite member of the family.