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This Poor dog deserves justice – he went all the way down in a matter of seconds!

Residents of a block of flats in Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico woke up on a Sunday morning to the sound of a huge noise. Startled neighbours rushed to their windows to see what had happened, only to discover that one of the residents tossed a pet dog off her balcony window. 

The pooch was thrown from the 5th balcony story and stood no chances of making it down safely. When questioned by neighbours, the 60-year-old owner (pictured on the left) stated that the pooch had started to become more and more irritating and she could not stand it any longer; she therefore just decided to get rid of him, but instead of surrendering him to a local shelter or get in touch with a fostering agency, she simply tossed him out the window. She added that this was the right call, given the circumstances. 

A doctor was also presented at the scene, but nothing could be done. In my view, such behaviour is profoundly revolting and this woman has exhibited extremely poor judgement. By all means she must be held to account for what she did. Hopefully you will all agree! 

Please do not let this woman escape unpunished. Animal welfare laws in Mexico are only theoretical, this is why we must apply as much pressure as possible on the authorities and try to influence the outcome of this investigation. There should certainly not be any slap on the wrist in this case, but rather a lifetime ban on owning animals and a stiff jail sentence. Even after she did the unthinkable, she expressed zero regret about what had happened, which speaks volumes about what this woman is capable of doing in the future. There is simply no excuse for what she did! 
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