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Punish woman that hung dogs on washing line and posed for photos!

A heartless woman took it upon herself to hung her two pet dogs on the washing line and pose for photos with a smirk on her face. The woman later uploaded the picture on social media, where she was met with strong resistance by concerned netizens.

The woman is believed to be from Mexico City. 

Despite the fact that the pictures were heavily shared, I have not discovered any updates on this case, which is extremely alarming. Mexico does not have sufficient strength as far as animal welfare is concerned. Far too often are perpetrators left off the hook, due police indifference. Simply put, authorities are rarely interested in such cases. And even if investigations do indeed commence, perpetators end up getting away with a warning or just a small fine – best case scenario. Thousands of animals have cried in despair for justice, but their voice was never heard. 

In Western countries, Animal Control would have immediately tracked down this callous woman and remove the dogs from the premises; charges of cruelty to animals would have also been filed immediately. Unfortunately, the notion of Animal Control does not exist in Mexico, which impedes such cases to be investigated promptly and efficiently.

Please take a closer look at the picture above. This woman – who is posing with a smile on her face – will likely get away with it. She and other hundreds of abusers, free to harm more animals at their on will. This is what Mexico currently has to offer, a land without hope for many animals!

Please sign my petition and ask officials to take a stand against this inhumanity and adopt stronger welfare laws, that will impose harsher penalties for those who harm animals and thus discourage perpetrators. We, the undersigned, also believe that implementing special Animal Police patrols in all of the country’s major cities woud be a highly benefical measure for the animal and hope it can become a reality in the foreseeable future.


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