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Sanction coward who hung dog to and bragged about it online!

Ciudad Nicolás Romero, Mexico: Everyone’s help is needed to ensure that the coward in the photo is brought to justice, look what he did to this defenseless stray dog.

The perpetrator – identified with the help of social media as Pedro Vasquez Maldonado – took it upon himself to terminate this stray dog because the poor animal was allegedly peskering him, constantly asking for food in front of his house. Maldonado claims that his lady friend fed him a couple of times and the canine refused to leave afterwards. As a result, the ruthless, poor excuse of a human being felt compelled to do something about this situation, so he took the dog in a nearby park and hung him from a tree.

As if this wasn’t enough, Maldonado returned home and bragged about what he had done, stating that all dogs who try to bother him again with experience the same fate. He also posted the above photo, as proof that he really did mean business. As soon as critics started to mount, the perpetrator deleted his social media account, but warned he will be back.

Please support my petition so this no-good man is brought to justice. Sadly, this happened in Mexico, a place with very lenient animal rights laws, where such cases are taken very lightly by the local authorities. I strongly feel that the Mexican society shouldn’t allow this monster to roam free, he definitely needs to be punished and held accountable for his deeds. I fear more animals are in danger with this man on the loose.

We must apply as much pressure on the local authorities as possible and get them to open an investigation without further delay!

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