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Punish woman who likes beating up dogs and brags about it online!

I have been put on high alert by a post recently published in a group for animal lovers that I am a part of. It has come to my attention that this woman likes to beat up stray dogs and brag about it online. She also appears to poison them and seems to be really enjoying the experience. She has no shame in posting the photos on social media, as the screenshots at the bottom of this page show.

In one photo two dogs are badly banged up; their faces are cut and one appears to have been hit with some sort of bladed object until his eye was badly wounded.

Here is what the woman had to say as caption for the photos:

Pues aqui aventandoles mi camioneta a estos estorbos lo siento pero llevo prisa jajaja – which can be translated as follows: I ran these dogs over with my truck. I’m sorry, but was in a hurry, hahaha.

In another photo she appears to have poisoned a stray dog, claiming they are a plague to society and must be terminated as soon as possible. She added that she is doing everyone a favor by getting rid of them and wished her critics a good day.

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