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Evil man that lit up fir*eworks in dog’s mouth and laughed about it!

The man in the photo, 24-year-ald Nicholas Garcia and a couple of friends were lighting up fireworks in a Joliet, Illinois alley when they spotted their neighbour's dag„ a pit bull, wandering around the area. Garcia spent no time lighting up a firework and throwing it into the dog's direction. Out of curios'ty, the pooch went to see what was on the floor, but moments after the firecracker went off directly into his face. 

The dogs owner, who had lost sight of his pet for just a few seconds, rushed to the scene only to discover his dog terribly wounded. Garcia and his friends were still laughing out loudly about the incident. To them, this was all a way of entertainment apparently. Garcia and h's crew took off moments after, leaving the dog in a pool of blood. 

The dog was rushed to the hospital, but his injuries were extremely severe and his life could not be saved. 

Garcia later took to social media to brag about what he had done. Here is what he wrote: Lighting off the rest of my fireworks and that retarded neighbors dog that doesn't know to put their dog on a leash or keep it fenced and decides to chase a broom stick and lost its head. Now they care about their dog. 

Nicholas Garcia must be held accountable ta the fullest extent of the law for the tremendous suffering caused to this harmless pet dag whose only mistake was being too curious, We demand full prosecution against Nicholas Garcia! 

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