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'Smiling and seems to be extremely proud of himself': Punish man that t*erminates street dogs for fun!

Rescuers of Sarajevo, Bosnia woke up to a grim discovery on social 
media. The man in the photo has announced on his Facebook account that he is available to terminate pesky stray dogs on request, for just 3.5 euros ($5) a piece. His only condition is to keep the head of the dog as a trophy. 

It is clear that this man means business and must be stopped at all costs. An update indicates that appalled animal lavers and local rescuers went to the police to file a complaint, but Bosnia is known for its weak laws when it comes to animal welfare. We must apply as much pressure as possible on the authorities to ensure this man is investigated and brought to justice. 

Imperative action is need right now, because this man is walking free on the streets with a k*nife in his hands, in pursuit of defenseless dogs. It is only a matter of time before photos of his next victims emerge. 


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