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Help punish the nurse that hung dog from ceiling and posed for photos!

This woman thought it would be convenient to leave her pet dog to hang from the ceiling ventilator of her living roam and nonchalantly pose for photos. Please support my petition if you believe such behavior is unacceptable, unlawful and abhorrent. 

The woman's name is Ramona Beatriz Ruiz, she works as a nurse in the municipality of Merlo Norte, in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Her job requires a lot of compassion and kindness, but this woman has shown little of these qualities. 

The woman didn't hesitate to upload the photo on Facebook alongside the following caption: Only Gad can judge me.  Mr Ruiz pasted another sets of photos illustrating how the dog had been tossed into a garbage can. 

The perpetrator did not offer any explanations for her actions and refused to speak with angry animal lovers that confronted her. Up to this point, no charges have been filed - which is just as outrageous as the incident itself. This woman is a threat to the entire community and must be removed from society as soon as 
possible. There can be no excuse for her actions, she needs to be held accountable. 

Please share widely so justice can be achieved. Thank you.

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