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There are many happy dogs in Campeche, Mexico – but Duke is not one of them

Help is needed to bring justice for Duke, a helpless animal that suffered terribly before he left this cruel world that treated him so unfairly. We owe it to him to bring his attacker to justice. Please share it with everyone you know, so Duke’s story makes the headlines worldwide!
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Duke was adored in the entire Esperanza neighborhood in the municipality of Campeche, Mexico. However, the man pictured on the left was somewhat bothered by this dog and decided to teach it a lesson: he proceeded to slash the defenseless animal with a huge knife multiple times, before dumping the nearly-lifeless body in a garden and ran away.

Duke was discovered hours later, in dire condition. He was rushed to the veterinarian, but did not survive; his body was simply too weak to withstand the terrible injuries.

The perpetrator – pictured above – refused to give any explanation for his actions when confronted by animal lovers. He stood there in silence, before walking away, shrugging the entire incident off. 

This matter cannot be brushed under the rug. If you take a look at the photos below, you will realize how much pain poor Duke had to endure in his final moments on Earth. No sentient being should be allowed this type of suffering!
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We, demand full prosecution for Duke’s attacker without further delay. I understand that a formal complaint has already been filed to the local authorities. It is important to note that Mexico has a terrible record of dealing with cases involving animal abuse – too many attackers have escaped unpunished or were handed out a lenient sentence. We will not let this happen again! We want true justice for Duke and demand that the perpetrator is given the maximum penalty available by law.

Thank you for your support.


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