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Woman that hung her dogs from tree, sentenced to 5 years in prison.

A 23-year-old local woman told officers she hanged her two Staffordshire terriers by a leash from a tree until they were dead and then buried them in her backyard last year because she was hallucinating on drugs and prescription medication and believed the dogs were talking to her, according to police.
Veronica Reyes, who was arrested Friday, is facing two felony counts of animal cruelty and is being held on $75,000 bail. Her next court date is Jan. 27 at Bristol Superior Court.
What started as a missing-person investigation into the whereabouts of Reyes on Nov. 23 led to the discovery of the two dead dogs buried inside trash bags in the backyard of the home where was staying at 510 Allentown Road.
A neighbor called the property owner, Kevin Beech, after seeing one of the dogs hanging from a tree by a leash and then watching Reyes place the dog in a trash bag and go to the back of her home with a shovel, police said.

possible way. According to reports, a startled neighbor called the authorities when he noticed something hanging from a tree. At a closer look, the man was puzzled to discover there were actually two dogs out there. ‘I thought it was just terrible that anyone could act this was towards an animal’ the witness stated. ‘I just can’t understand how you can put something around a dog’s neck and let them go’. The witness also added that Reyes was just outside and was calmly watching her dogs suffer in agony and waiting for them to give their last breath. Afterwards, she placed the dogs in a trash bag and buried them in the yard. Vets have confirmed everything the
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