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The innocent pup has his mouth tied shut, completely helpless, Animal rights groups are now on the hunt for his abuser! Spread the word.

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Sickening footage shows a woman stubbing out a cigarette in the eye of a defenceless puppy.

The dog’s mouth appears to be taped shut, stiffing its yelps as the culprit repeatedly burns the dog’s face. She calmly smokes with one hand while holding the puppy by the neck and snaps its paws after she is finished.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Singapore was alerted last month to the sadistic video.

 The animal welfare group is now appealing for help to identify the woman after initial claims she was filmed in Singapore or another country in the region.

They said in a statement: ‘There are indications that the incident may not have occurred in Singapore but we are exploring all possibilities and urgently appealing for credible information to seek justice for the puppy.

“If you know the identity and whereabouts of the woman, please provide the information to the relevant agency in your country,” they wrote on Facebook. “Alternatively, you can contact us at and we will relay the message in strict confidence.”

‘This shocking incident cannot be ignored, or more animals will be tortured or kill**ed.’ Spread the word.


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