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Punish jerk who stuck a knife in neighbor’s dog because he was angry!

To bring justice to the dog that was callously attacked with a knife by ensuring that the perpetrator is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The revolting incident took place in the town of Graneros, in Tucuman province, Argentina and the perpetrator has been identified as Agustin Foglietta. While there are still details to be revealed, this is how the events occurred: the victim, a defenseless dog, managed to escape his house and started wandering around the neighborhood in an attempt to find someone to play with. Everyone in the area knows the dog as being gentle and playful; this docile pooch wouldn’t hurt a fly. He ended up on Foglietta’s porch, but the father-of-one wasn’t too pleased by the visit and decided to take immediate action: on the spur of the moment, the man proceeded to grab a kitchen knife and stick it into the dog’s back,   before kicking the animal out of his property.

The dog returned to his home badly wounded, there was blood everywhere and it was just a terrible scene to watch (see photos below). When confronted, Foglietta claimed he had every right to act in this manner since the dog trespassed; he has no intention of apologizing or covering the dog’s medical costs.

Up to this point, I only know that the dog was taken to a local vet clinic – his injuries are not life-threatening and will require several weeks of recovery.

Please sign and share my petition to ensure this monster is brought to justice, there is no excuse for what he did and the harshest penalty under law no 13.346/54 (animal protection legislature) is applied.

Thank you!


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