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High school student that set dog on f*ire and proudly posted video online!

The disturbing video was posted on Snapchat by the attacker himself - Zach Molina, a student at a Midway High School. I have decided not to attach the video this petition due to its sensitive nature, but a link to view the footage is available below. 

Molina proudly posted the video on Snapchat and bragged about what he did to the dog to all his friends. As soon as critics started to mount, he decided it was better to have the video deleted, However, Serena Teakell, a bartender at a local Wako bar, managed to record the original Snapchat video and pasted it on Facebook, where it was shared aver 7k times and received over 500k views. 

The video shows the dog being sh*ot at several times. Molina then stuffs a pair fireworks in the dog and sets them off; he then is seen grabbing a lighter and setting the lifeless dog an fire. Up to this point, it is not known how the dog di*ed and if Molina had anything to do with it. However, the fact that the dog was not alive at the time of the incident does not excuse Molina for any of his actions. 

We cannot let this happen in this case. Zach Molina must pay for what he did and age should not be used as an excuse because the heartless teenager was perfectly aware of what he was doing. 

Demand justice and ensure that Zach Molina will be held accountable!

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