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Punish driver who dragged defenseless dog behind car for miles!

Implementing tougher animal legislation in Ecuador and ensuring the perpetrator of this cowardly act is punished for his behavior. 

Petition text: This appalling photo has been circulating over the past few weeks on social media. I cannot stand this senseless abuse and I sincerely hope this petition can make a difference.

This cruel driver tied an innocent dog, believed to be an Alsatian-cross breed dog, to the back of the car and started driving at high speed like nothing happened. The other drivers could not believe their eyes and took several photos of the car and uploaded them on sociam media, caling for justice.

The incident took place in the municipality of Tosagua, in the Western part of Ecuador. The car’s license plate is ML 753 and the driver’s name is Jefferson German Cordova Alcivar. Screenshots of his social media profile have been actively shared  and numerous pleas for justice were initiated.

The dog reportedly did not survive the vicious dragging, according to the information provided by the attacker himself.

Despite massive attention this revolting incident has received on social media, no justice has been achieved up to this point due to the lack of animal welfare laws in Ecuador. In other words, this heartless attacker is free to abuse again anytime he wants.

The sad reality is that law enforcement in Ecuador are rarely interested in investigating cases related to animal abuse. Perpetrators get to walk free far too often as justice is almost never achieved.

We, the undersigned, are convinced that a deep reform regarding the animal welfare in Ecuador needs to take place as soon as possible. People like Jefferson German Cordova Alcivar should never be allowed to escape unpunished. This is hardly an isolated incident, because there have been numerous other cases in which perpetrators have got away with it and this is truly outrageous and unacceptable.

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