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These defenseless animals are used as bait for fi*ghts – Punishment for to this Coward

The guy inside the picture is going on social media by using the call of *Suisse AR'. Unfortunately, his actual call isn't regarded at this factor, however his face is truely seen within the photographs. He is from Albania and has come to Switzerland for a higher lifestyles. But he took his conduct from Albania with him as nicely. 'Suisse AR' has advanced a neuork of canine fights and become eager to allow his Facebook visitors on a part of the movement. In a stunning video published on his profile, a vicious pit bull may be visible ripping a terrified kitten aside, at the same time as his proprietor movies and does not anything to interfere. In some other worrying scene, a goat is attacked by way of the equal canine - a pit bull - and left useless at the facet of the street.

These defenseless animals are used as bait for fights, and it all seems to have transformed into a daily routine. 

The fact that this man has chosen to take his work to social media shows his defiance of people and his total lack of respect for life and society, When confronted by angry critics, the coward deleted the incriminating videos and deactivated his profile. Luckily, there were back-ups of the footage, which now can be used as precious evidence. 

According to the latest information posted online, the attacker lives in Laussane, Switzerland. 

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