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Support Justice For Juanita, The Gentle Pet Dog From Colombia!

The incident unfolded in the Kennedy neighborhood in the municipality of Glrardot, in the central part of Colombla. The author of this disheartening attack is lasblaydy Perez, extremely upset that the dog liwng in the neighborhood had made a mess outside the front door 0f her house, Perez declded to take all her lrlrler frustrations out on
this defenseless pooch; she proceeded to punch the harmless female dog in the face repeatedlyuuanita was unable [a escape as the attaCk went on and on for over a minute Aftenwards, the woman simply threw Juanita in the street, shouting that no animals are welcomed anywhere near her property.

Members of the local animal rights group Girardot Animalista were made aware of the incident and prompty arrived to takeluanita at the hospital, where she arrived in very bad condition. sadly,luanita is no longer with us, as she gave up
the fight the next day and sadly passed away.

Dozens of angry animal lovers took to the streets demanding JustKe for luanita,they held a vigil outside her house, expressing their hope that this case Will not be swept under the rug by the authorities.

Colombla has recently adopted tougher sanctions against people who mistreat animals we the undersigned, urge the people in power to open an investigation into this matter as soon as possible and ensure lasblaydy Perez is prosecuted to the fullest extent ofthe law. The iustice system of Colombla must

prove that such actions are regarded as unacceptable and show they Will not be condoned under any circumstances.

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