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Punish Cruel Owner Who Starved His Dog For Weeks! ''He is a cruel, evil coward''

Volunteers were more than happy to give Sam up - sadly, little did they know What was in store for this defenseless canine. Instead of sticking to his word, Dubo showed actually little Interest in caring for his newly adopted dog: he chained the poor pet to a miserable dog house situated in his back yard and left him there without food and water for weeks. 

Sam was basically transformed into a walking skeleton, he was so thin and weak he couldn't even stand on his own feet. Poor Sam would have likely perished there hadn't it been for a neghbor who spotted him and didn't hesitate to seek for help. Volunteers were immediately dispatched at the scene and even they were left in dismay by Dubo's lack of compassion. 

Sam was rushed to the vet's office in critical condition, he is currently fighting for his life. We can only hope he Will manage to survive, he is extremely weakened and vets fear his body could shut down in any moment. 

Please support to ensure this monster is brought to justice and punished for What he did to a defenseless dogm All Sam wanted was a loving and caring owner, he asked nothing of such kind of treatment. 


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