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Punish coward that slapped harmless dog several times while laughing!

According to the information posted online, this heartbreaking scene unfolded in Ilfov County, Romania. A peasant only known as Stelica is seen slapping a defenseless dog in order to punish the creature for making a mess in his yard. His friends cheer and spur him on, chanting Hit him, Stelica!Towards the end of the video, the same friends are encouraging to let the dog go, shouting that enough is enough; but the attacker doesnt seem too convinced and whacks the 
poor canine a few more times before releasing him. 

The attacker nonchalantly smiles towards the camera on several occasions, claiming he was entitled to act in this manner because the dog had disobbeyed his orders and was nothing but a nuissance. 

I find such behavior unaceptable under any circumstances. Please sign my petition to ensure this coward is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and is ultimately taught a lesson on how dogs such be treated! We must apply as much pressure on the authorities to make sure our demands are met so please don't hesitate to take action!


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