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Woman who threw puppy from fifth-floor apartment, we ask for justice for the puppy!

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This woman has thrown from her home on a fifth floor a puppy that has di**ed and apologizes saying that it was not her intention to ki**ll him. But how can these people think that if you throw an animal from a fifth floor they won't kill it? What do these killers have in mind that do these terrible things to animals?

The puppy was only a few months old and di**ed because of this ruthless murderer who threw him from his home in San Martin de Porres. We have to fight for justice to be done and this woman must be sanctioned by the authorities for animal abuse.

The neighbors wanted to put the complaint in the district police station but the policemen did not take the complaint because for them it was not important because it was a case of animal abuse.
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Let's do something with this murderer and also with the police authorities who have not wanted to take the complaint, since that constitutes a crime!

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