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Cruel nurse who smashed tiny dog against a car with full force!

Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro province, Brazil: An entire neighborhood is outraged after a woman failed to provide food and water of her two dogs for days. In addition, the pets were kept in terrible conditions in the backyard and, at one point, several concerned animal lovers even tried to throw food over the wall in order to feed them and keep them alive.

Furthermore, activists tried to pursue the heartless woman to surrender the dogs or at least take care of them, but to no
avail. Things got even more out of control when the woman’s ex-husband, believed to be the owner of the dogs, stopped by the house in an attempt to get his beloved pets back.

But the unexpected visit from the ex did everything but calm the woman down; she proceeded to grab one of the dogs by the scruff, hurled the defenseless pooch around several times, before throwing
him into her ex-husband’s car with full force. As the canine howled in pain, the woman quickly gets back in her yard and shuts the front door in everyone’s noses.

According to the information posted on social media, this evil woman works as a nurse. Imagine leaving your children or your parents with someone like this! Can you believe that this woman’s job is actually looking after someone? She isn’t even capable of feeding her pets!

I started this petition with the view of bringing justice to this defenseless dog that had so much to suffer in the hands of this callous woman. No dog deserves to be treated like this, no matter
what the circumstances are.

Please sign and share my campaign widely to ask the local authorities to pursue charges against this woman and have her
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is strong evidence against this cruel nurse, who shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it!


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