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Punish Cruel Man Who Attacked Poor Dog With A Wooden Plank!

A video with deplorable scenes shows a man sl**g a dog in Ouricuri that weekend. In the year 28, the recording came to the knowledge of the Military Police, who made searches and arrested the murderer in flagrant. Manoel Pereira Rosa, 31, was arrested at his home and confessed to the crime at the police station, alleging that the animal was with Leishmaniasis.

According to the information of the communicator Emanoel Cordeiro, this brutal murder occurred in the Avenida Manoel Irineu de Araújo, in the Loteamiento Viva Bien. Manoel killed the defenceless animal with a piece of wood and a stone. The material was seized and ended up framed by Article 32 of the Law of Environmental Crimes.

We ask that justice be done and that this murder not go unpunished!


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