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Coward that poked dog’s eyes out to amuse himself!

Your utmost support is needed to make sure this man is prosecuted and brought to justice. Authorities have done nothing up to this paint; we must act fast and put pressure an them. There should be no way this poor excuse of a human being can be allowed to walk free! 

The man's name is Juan Manual Torres. He lives in the municipality of Santa Teresa, Santa Fe province, in Argentina. His house is situated on calle Rivadavia. It has also emerged that he is a member of Jehova's Witnesses. 

This person thought it would be an awesome idea to harm a defenseless dog. He started hitting the dog several times, before poking the animal's eyes out with a bladed object. He then walked away like nothing had happened, as the defenseless canine was left unattended for hours, before being found and rushed to the hospital. The dogs condition has now stabilized, but vets have 
confirmed the pooch has lost sight in both his eyes. 

It is unclear if the dog had an owner or was someone's pet. And, quite frankly, this detail is irrelevant at this point, because this man had no right to do what he did. 

It is absolutely outrageous that someone is capable of doing such a thing. As previously stated, na investigation into this matter has commenced. 

Argentina does have animal welfare laws (law no. 14.346/54) in place and we, the undersigned, demand justice in this matter. 
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