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Rex the dog who lost an eye and an ear in Russia gets second chance 💖

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There are a number of examples that prove that human cruelty sometimes has no limits. This is the case of the dog Rex. When the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic in Volgograd in Russia, doctors thought he would not survive long.

When Rex the dog arrived at a Volgograd veterinary clinic with a large part of his scalp missing, few thought he had long to live.

The dog had a huge head injury on the head. "It is unlikely to be injured by a car accident because the injuries seemed to be deliberate," explained Vetoria Belyaeva.

Doctors have done a number of interventions to save Rex's life - a blood transfusion, a scalp recovery surgery and hundreds of bandages.

Following a blood transfusion, plastic surgery to replace his scalp and hundreds of bandage changes, Rex's future is now looking up and he is looking for a new home.

Rex suffered a level of human abuse that most pups don't survive. Thanks to brilliant surgery donated by veterinarians, a great group of humans, and a little time Rex is now a happy dog with a bright future 


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