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This evil woman claims that she is helping homeless animals, however she is mistreating!

This woman claims that she is helping homeless animals, however she is mistreating and callously destroying them. Please share far and wide; she needs to be stopped as soon as possible! 

The woman's name is Gloria Hernandez Hustleru She is asking for money online so she can operate her animal shelter and help the animals. In reality, she is doing anything but that. She is collecting the funds, but places them in her own pocket, while the dogs are badly neglected. Some photos taken by concerned neighbors only come to show the extent of the neglect those innocent canines where subjected to. 

When other activists barged into her shelter to investigate what was really going on, the woman lost her temper and threw all the people out of her property, claiming she did not want anything to do with them anymore. Furthermore in another fit of rage, she hung one of the dogs she was claiming she protected. 

This is the true face of animal rescuer Gloria Hernandez Hustler. Help me denounce this woman, she is extremely dangerous and I am literally outraged at the thought that so many dogs are under her "care" right now. The photos taken by activists at the site are truly heartbreaking. The dog had collars so tightly wrapped around their necks they left serious injuries; none of the dogs actually looked happy. That place was more like a prison rather than a dog sanctuary! 

Please share as far as passible and let everyone know what this woman is up to.

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