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Lola! Gentle dog that was severely mistreated on the hands of a teenage monster!

Please sign this petition and urge local authorities to purgue a stiff penalty against this heartless teenager. Only an appropriate disciplinary measure can educate such people.

Given the Clear link between those who harm animals and those who mistreat other human beings at some point in their life, it is imperative that this case ends with a stiff jail

punishment, in addition to a lifetime ban on owning animals.
According to current Israeli laws, the cruelty towards animals is an offence punishable with up to three years in jail'.

Bank of America
Bank of America est une banque américaine. En 2009, c'est la plus grande banque américaine en termes de dépôt et de capitalisation boursière, devant Citigroup. Le siège social du groupe est situé à Charlotte en Caroline du Nord depuis sa fusion-absorption avec NationsBank en 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Business Solutions

Bank of America Q2 earnings: $0.74 a share, vs $0.71 EPS expected