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Help Punish the woman who kicked gentle dog repeatedly because she was annoyed!

We need your help to ensure this woman that has no soul is sanctioned for what she did to this gentle dog that belongs to a neighbor. 

Extremely upset with the tiny dog (for reasons that continue to remain a mistery); the woman was able to spot that the canine had been left unattended in the street for just a few seconds — but that was all she needed but her plan Into actions. The result 
can be seen in the photo on the left; by the time the owners of the dog arrived, the damage had been already done. 

The dog was taken to the emergency vetennariam where she was cleaned up and her eye was repaired. She will be able to regain her full vision In just a few weeks, according to the latest medical update. 

This unsettling incident unfolded in the Miguel Hilalgo neighbourhood, in the municipality of Campeche7 Mexico. I wasrdt able to find the indentity of the woman, but in the photo above, her face can clearly be seen and authorities should be able 
to identify her easily. 

This woman must be sanctioned to the fullest extent of the law; because her behaviour is highly immoral and completely unacceptable and there cannot be any justifications for actions. 

Please share and demand justice in this case- Thank you!


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