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idiot who hung his dog and smiled for photos!

This man lives in the Jardim Canguru neighborhood in the municipality of Campa Grande, state of Mata Grosso do Sul, Brazil and apparently enjoys mistreating his pet.

The photo above speaks volumes about what this man is capable of doing: he nonchalantly hung his dog with the help of a rope and smiled for a photo. He cou d nat care less that his pet was almost out of air and was asking far help.

Luckily, neighbors heard the dag squeaking and came to the rescue. Apparently, other dogs are on the property as well; multiple reports indicate that the man was living by himself.

Neighbors claim that the perpetrator, 43-year-old Marcio Rodrigues, is seeking psychiatric treatment at the Psychosocial Care Center (Centro de Atenqäo Psicossocial) in town and has been having numerous issues in the past few months. Both neighbors and relatives have tried to pursue him to surrender the dogs, but to no avail.

Obviously, a man in his condition should not be allowed to have pets, he is a real danger to all of them. Please support my petition and urge the authorities to intervene in order ta save the pets on the property and have this man brought to justice.

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