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Help get justice for Kokito - the dog thrown out of a moving vehicle tied up in a plastic bag!

Asunciöm Paraguay This is how Kokito was discovered near a busy road, this little cocker, little over a year, had his legs tied up In a plastic bag, unable to move. A witness saw a grey Toyota Yaris vehicle pull over; moments after; the pooch was tossed out the window; as the driver took off seconds after.

When Kokito's case came to light his previous owner was able to pont out that he had given hm for adoption to a woman called Juana Ferreira; who also happened to own a grey Toyota vehicle.

What more evidence could authorities ask in this case? Kokito is now recovering at the vets office, he is a few deep bruises, he is scared, but everyone expects him to recover fully in a few weeks.

According to the information posted online, Juana Ferreira is well
respected dentist that works for the a state:funded clinic in Asunciön. She is also works closely with the National Society For The Rights Of
Handicapped People.

We need to make sure that Kokito gets the justice he deserves, this
woman's behavior is completely unacceptable. What did this dog ever do to receive such treatment? Why didrdt Ms. Ferreira, a proud mother-of-three, return the dog to a local shelter and opted to dispose of him like trash? 

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