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This police officer is a disgrace to the uniform and must stripped of his badge!

This troubling incident unfolded in the municipality of Puerto Suarez, in Bolivia.The attack was carried out by sergeant Carlos Hurtado; under circumstances that remain unknown, the police officer grabbed a metal pipe and starting whacking the defenceless dog in the photo; everything took place in broad daylight, which makes the incident even more revolting. As a result of the attack, the dog is now unable to walk.

Witnesses realized that it was no use calling the police (since one of the agents was the actual abuser) so they alerted journalist Ricardo Veizaga, who promptly arrived at the scene and thoroughly documented the entire story and broke the news in the community.

The dag was taken to the veterinarys office (see photos below), he will have to undergo surgery to regain his mobility. up to this point, no sanctions have been filed against sergeant Hurtado.

Please share to ensure this heartless police officer is relieved of his duties and brought to justice as soon as possible. Given his actions we, the undersigned, strongly believe this man should never wear a badge again. Thank you!

Please share and demand justice in this case- Thank you!


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