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Congresswoman orders her crew to po*ke dog’s eyes out

MickYs story has captured headlines all across South America in the past week. Please support my petition by signing and sharing it to ensure this defenseless dog gets the justice he deserves. 

Here is all the information I know so far: Micky was found in terrible condition roaming the streets in the neighborhood of Granjas de Oriente, in the municipality of Tehuacån, Puebla state, Mexico. Volunteers with the TAC - Una Proteccion al Entorno A.C. responded to the call for help as soon as they learned about the incident; they took the defenseless canine to a clinic and provided him the best medical care available. Vets were simply baffled when he first evaluated him: both of his eyes appeared to have been poked out with a sharp knife, he was bleeding everyone and his chances of recovery were sl'm. Sadly, Micky did not survive the attack and passed away a few days afterwards. 

According to numerous credible sources that have emerged an social media, congresswoman Olga Remero Garci-Crespo ordered her crew to get rid of the dog that had been sleeping in front of her house for a few days. Ms. Garci- Crespo nonchalantly approved the attack and could not care less about what happened to Micky. Although her office has strongly denied any involvement in this mater, activists claim they have all the evidence they need and are determined ta bring this heartless congresswoman to justice. 

Sign the petition and show your support for Micky. His tremendous suffering cannot be in vein. If the allegations prove to be true, Ms. Garcia-Crespo and her aides must be sanctioned to the fullest extent of the law and congresswoman Crespo must be banned from running for a public office is the next 10 years

Share the petition and be a voice for KokiW

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