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Cruel woman who hu**ng Pet dog to a tree in broad daylight!

woman originally from the state of Colima, Mexico has sparked fury on social media after she was filmed trying to hung her pet dog from a tree. The outrageous footage was posted an several networks and drew widespread condemnation. 

The incident took place in broad daylight. The video shows haw the angry woman grabs the tiny pooch by the scruff and ties it to a tree, while she is angry shouting that the dog must be punished. Another canine, also belonging to the cruel attacker, was witnessing the terrible scene. 

A passer-by pulled out his mobile phone and started recording the scene as evidence. He went to confront the woman, who shouted that she intends to terminate the dog because he had ate her son's pet chicken. 

The witness disapproved the woman's actions, but was unable to stop the attack, so back-up was called. Finally, the woman forced out of the scene and the terrified pooch was rescued just in the nick of time. The animal was rushed to the hospital and, as one would expect, was pretty shaken up, but is expected to survive. Activists are now also fighting to obtain custody for the other dog spotted in the video. 

It is our belief that this cruel woman must go to jail for her actions. If you look at the video, you will see this woman has absolutely no remorse about what she is doing. She is about to take the life of an innocent pet without even blinking. This is truly disturbing and outrageous! What kind of mother can such a woman be? 

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