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We demand jail sentence for woman who abused to dog harmless.

The outrageous incident took place on the streets of the small town of Aminilla de Partido, Dajab6n province in the Dominican Republic. 

A group of peple witnessed how this woman started to pound a dog in the middle of the street aver and over. No one intervened, out of fear that they might get hit as well (the woman looked extremely angry and was carrying a large stick an her). But startled witnesses filmed the scene and managed to call the police and report the incident. 

The dog stood no chance in front of this ruthless attacker, that spared no mercy and continued to pound the dog unabiased. The poor canine gave his last breath on the cold, dirty pavement. 

Montecristi police quickly went to work and managed to apprehend the woman - identified as Arias Morel Adalgisa, she has since been formally charged for breaching the Law no. 248-12 regarding animal welfare. 

A video filmed by a witness and later published online revealed that the woman had two ather accomplices that helpled her kick the defenseless dog and inflict as much pain as possible. These subhumans are only known as David and Richard and no updates about their judicial status have been released at this point. 

The Dominican Republic has had a poor record of prosecuting animal welfare cases, Although the law stipulated that such offenses are punishable with jail term between six months and three years, no suspect has been ever handed out a jail time thus far. It is time to set an example for the entire country that harming animals is not acceptable. 

Even if you do not like animals, that does not give you the right to act this way towards them! 

Please Share and help bring justice to that innocent dog that did not deserve any of this. 

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