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We need your help to bring this evil woman to justice – Help get justice!

The woman in the photo has been identified as Gladis Velez and the incident unfolded in the small town of Sauce, in the province of Corrientes, Argentina A neighbour heard Velez complain dozens of times about the large communty of street dogs that were living in the city; and Velez did not mince her words when she confessed that she would terminate as many dogs as she could if she was In the mood, claiming this was the only way to bring civilisation back to the commun ty. 

According to another neighbour; Velez regarded street dogs as pesky creatures that had no place on Earth and needed to be dealt with immediately. Just a few days later, the bodies of two dogs were discovered near a popular park — both canines had been slashed with a bladed object. 

Neighbours also repofted that Velez and her husband went to dine at a fancy restaurant to celebrate — the exact same day the attack took place. Is this such behaviour acceptable to you? While I understand that not everyone loves this does not give anyone the right to go out and harm them for sheer pleasure.

Please support my campaign and urge the authorities to initiate an Immediate investigation into this matter andv if it is determined the woman is guilty; we demand she is handed out the maximum penalty available under current laws. 

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