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Help bring this inconsiderate mother to justice before more animals are harmed!


Lima, Peru: This woman must be denounced by all means, she is a danger to society and a terrible mother nonetheless. The lady in the photo - 36- year-old Amanda Huillca Crispe - took it upon herself to attack this defenseless dog in the name of what she claims to be common sense and need for security. She claims that the pooch was behaving extremely weird towards her son, so she decided to teach the pet a lesson: she proceeded ta grab a 
heavy wooden stick and started pounding the helpless animal on and on. It happened so fast, none of the passers-by had time to intervene! Witnesses gathered at the scene told a different story: there is no way that gentle dog would have attacked the woman's son; they stood firm an their opinion that this callous mother was grossly overreacting and had completely m'sinterpreted the situation. 

Police arrived at the scene, took statements from everyone and then released the suspect, seemingly uninterestd in pursuing this matter further. But Nataly Janeth Oliva, an avid animal advocate, wasnt prepared to let this case go away and filed a complaint to the authorities as soon as she heard about the situation. A copy of report is available below; she is now anxiously waiting for an 

Sadly, Peru has weak animal protection laws and such cases are hardly taken seriously; very few people have even received convictions in such cases cases, which is nothing short of disheartening. 

However, we will not be discouraged by this situation! We need to make an example out of Amanda Huillca Crispe and shaw the entire Peruvian society that such deranged behavior cannot be accepted under any circumstances. 

Please share this campaign to ensure justice is achieved! 


Lima, Perú: esta mujer debe ser denunciada por todos los medios, es un peligro para la sociedad y, no obstante, una madre terrible. La señora de la foto, Amanda Huillca Crispe, de 36 años, se encargó de atacar a este perro indefenso en nombre de lo que dice ser sentido común y necesidad de seguridad. 

Ella dice que el perro se estaba comportando extremadamente raro con su hijo, por lo que decidió darle una lección a la mascota: procedió a agarrar una pesado palo de madera y comenzó a golpear al indefenso animal una y otra vez. ¡Ocurrió tan rápido, que ninguno de los transeúntes tuvo tiempo de intervenir! Los testigos reunidos en la escena contaron una historia diferente: no hay forma de que un perro amable haya atacado al hijo de la mujer; se mantuvieron firmes y opinaron que esta madre insensible estaba exageradamente exagerada y había interpretado completamente la situación.

Por favor comparte esta campaña para asegurar que se logre la justicia!