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Owner Mercilessly Sh**ts Dog 40 Times, Ties Her Up With Wire & Buries

Animal welfare officers in Malta received a tip about a distressed dog and immediately rushed to the remote location to help. They arrived to hear whimpering sounds coming from a wooden board that was weighed down using a tree trunk.

The officers removed the board to witness the horrifying sight of a dog’s face buried in the ground. As they worked to rescue the dog , they found that she was tied immobile and had been shot multiple times on her head at point blank range. The doctors painstakingly removed over 40 pellets of a shotgun from Star’s forehead.

Bank of America
Bank of America est une banque américaine. En 2009, c'est la plus grande banque américaine en termes de dépôt et de capitalisation boursière, devant Citigroup. Le siège social du groupe est situé à Charlotte en Caroline du Nord depuis sa fusion-absorption avec NationsBank en 

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Bank of Amrica Q2 earnings: $0.74 a share, vs $0.71 EPS expected