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This Cruel mother has no soul, she claims she makes her children proud!

This is Samantha Harper. She is involved in dog fights and has even admitted to th's on social media. Ms. Harper is a mother-of-two and leaves in the United Kingdom. According to several pasts published on Facebook and other platforms, she is buying cheap dogs or adopting them from shelters and then uses them as bait for fights. 

Confronted by numerous concerned animal lovers, Ms. Harper admitted the vicious activities she is taking part in; she even confessed to making a hefty profit out of animal suffering: according to her statement she receives a minimum of $2, 000 for each dog brought (if that dog loses a fight) and $5, 000 if 
the dog wins a fight. Please see the screenshots at the bottom of the page, they have been saved as evidence so they can be sent to the authorities. 

Ms. Harper has just married her longtime boyfriend last year. I simply can't help but wonder what this man thinks of her; or, as a matter of fact, if he has any idea what is going an. How can this woman serve as a role model to her children if she is involved in such despicable activities? 

It is important to note that, up to this point, there is only circumstancial evidence against Ms Harper and every person has the right to be given the benefit of the doubt. In other words, she is innocent until proven otherwise and I hope everyone understands this vital issue before being judgmental. However, the actions she is accused of are extremely detrimental to numerous animals and this case must be taken very seriously. We, the undersigned, hereby urge the British law officials to launch an investigation without further delay into this matter. If found guilty, we demand that Ms. Harper be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the British law and receive a lifetime ban on owning any kind of pets again. 

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