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Heroic dog sacrifices life to save master’s family from cobra...RIP brave dog ❤

Hero Dalmatian di**es saving its owners from cobra that bit the dog as he fearlessly protected family home in India

This is the horrific moment a heroic Dalmatian di*ed from a snake bite after protecting its family from a highly-venomous cobra.

The loyal dog's owner, Ameen Sharif, from Bhubaneswar in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, woke up to the sound of frenzied barking and rushed to find his pet Tyson fighting with the venomous Indian cobra.

Before Ameen or his family members could intervene, their brave one-and-a half-year-old Dalmatian had killed the deadly snake. However, the family watched in shock as the dog immediately fell ill and appeared in distress as tragic footage captures.

Fearing the worst, Ameen checked Tyson for snake bites and discovered blood on the left side of the animal's face. He called the snake helpline and sent a video of the reptile to expert Subhendu Mallik who identified it as an Indian cobra and advised the family to take the dog to the vets immediately.

Unfortunately, no vets could be contacted due to the attack happening at 2am last night and Tyson di*ed within half an hour.

*Speaking to Ommcom News, Amin said: 'We found Tyson having a battle with a cobra barely a metre away from our doorstep. The snake di*ed but had bit our beloved pet. 

'We tried to call the veterinary doctors to get an anti-venom dose for Tyson but none picked our call at this hour. He saved our lives but unfortunately we were not able to save his.'

He added: 'The kind of loyalty shown by the canine and his supreme sacrifice cannot be forgotten by our family. It is disheartening that there are so many hospitals to cater to humans 24/7, but when an animal is hurt, there are no emergency hospitals for them.'

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