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Stop these men who paint dogs to sell them!


Two men with tricycles cross Cadereyta Jiménez offering dogs painted green, or paint them the color you want for 79 usd. According to these two people, it is a fad that prevailed now and they seek to earn money at the expense of the animal abuse of these poor puppies.

The paint they use is probably toxic and probably damages the skin and fur of dogs, that is why these people should be stopped urgently and the animals rescued.

Allowing this is being an accomplice to animal abuse, do not let this continue without punishment!


Dos hombres con triciclos recorren Cadereyta Jiménez ofreciendo perros pintados de verde, o pintarlos del color que uno desee por 1500 pesos. Según estas dos personas es una moda que se impuso ahora y ellos buscan ganar dinero a costa del maltrato animal de estos pobres perritos.

La pintura que usan seguramente es tóxica y probablemente le daña la piel y el pelaje a los perros, por eso es que esas personas deben ser detenidas con urgencia y los animales rescatados.

Permitir esto es ser cómplice de maltrato animal, no permitamos que esto continúe sin castigo!