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Tommie The Dog Di*ed After Being Set On Fi*re in Richmond - Help Find The Person Responsible - $25,000 Reward


Dogs supply nothing however love, nevertheless some heartless monsters advisedly hurt them.

A tabby Pit bull was found tied to a pole with burns covering over four-hundredth of his body, once a cruel person advisedly lit him lighted . The grievous incident happened in Virginia at Abner Clay Park.

Richmond Animal Care and management took the dog sure emergency medical treatment and denote, “We would like your facilitate. Last night (2/10/19) at 7:30pm a male tabby pit bull with a fabric collar was tied to a pole in Abner Clay Park off the two hundred Block of W Clay Street lined in accelerant and advisedly assail hearth.”

Amber Carter, veterinary assistant at Virginia Veterinary Centers announce, “Seriously hope they realize the one that hurt this poor boy! I met him last night whereas at work and every one night he wagged his tail and needed somebody to merely love on him!”

Thousands of individuals ar angry. several have given to assist cowl the medical bills, and a bequest of $25,000 has been raised to search out the person who wrote it and prosecute them.

RACC denote on Mon, “I ought to say that we have a tendency to don’t get flustered by abundant at RACC, and have witnessed several ugly cases, however this one makes U.S. need to merely sit on the ground and cry.”

Tommie remains in important condition and has solely created small enhancements over the past few days. there's still an opportunity that he won't survive the intensive harm the flames did to his body. The sweet boy has thousands of individuals propulsion for him and he's receiving the most effective care.

The shelter continues to update their followers on Tommie’s condition. the foremost recent post explicit , “It’s not nice. he's stable however new burn wounds have conferred and recent wounds have worsened and virtually his entire body is currently established. His pain is being managed and he’s snug however our plans for treatment square measure dynamic .”

The investigation remains in progress and officers area unit asking folks to decision railroad capital of Virginia Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000 or submit your tip through the 3PTips. Witnesses reportable a male suspect sporting multiple layers of pants running from the scene. “ANY info, something you saw, anyone you think, if you've got ever seen this dog, please decision or message it in – no info is insignificant. we wish to search out the author for this evil crime.”